Andrea Melchiorre for Hemmet!

Hello everyone,

This week was very important for the Hemmet Team because we had the opportunity to collaborate with Andrea Melchiorre. Last year he was part of a popular Italian television show and he’s stil very followed on his social networks.

Following you’ll find the gallery with his professional shooting with our sunglasses, you can also visit Andrea Melchiorre's Blog post by clicking here!

He chose one of the best Sunglasses of our range: Hemmet Vintage Raider Sunglasses.

This model perfectly suits a female and a male face and it has removable lenses. You can remove the mirror lenses and change the transparent lenses with prescription lenses. This item is made with the best materials and the lenses are the most protective of our range. The arms are in metal with an engraved decoration and the frame is in high quality polycarbonate with a brown tortoiseshell pattern. When you wear the “Raider”, the sun won’t bother you and your eyes will always be relaxed and protected. The Hemmet Vintage Raider comes with a free Hemmet Lens Cleaner Spray, one spray is enough to keep your lenses bright and spotless. The original Hemmet pouch, which comes with our Premium Sunglasses (Vintage Fever), is made with a soft and antistatic fabric so you can use it with the spray to gently clean the lenses.

We’re working lately to sponsor our product with other Italian celebrity.

Stay tuned!

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